Feb. 2023: Dr. Xiao won the prestigious 2023 NSF CAREER Award!


Welcome to the Xiao research group!

Our group research focuses on the structure-property relationships and the light-matter interactions in quantum materials for high-performance computing, efficient energy conservation, and high-speed THz optoelectronics. In particular, we use ultrafast light pulses and electrically controllable nanodevices to discover, understand, and engineer emerging 2D quantum materials and their interfaces. We will both investigate fundamental physics and develop functional devices relying on quantum-mechanical effects including non-equilibrium phase transitions, quantum collective excitations, electronic/lattice many-body interactions, and photocarrier dynamics in energy conversion.

Research Opportunities

Our lab has several openings for highly motivated postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates. See the contact/openings page for more information.

Funding Support